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19 July 2009

StarPlaza Tour: Stardoll Store

The Stardoll Store has been in the StarPlaza for a long time. However it wasn't forgotten as expected by many members, but even now it still remains as many members' (even Lisa's, the creator of Stardoll!) favourite stores. Not only because of their clothing, which are basics in grey, white, black, blue, and red, and sometimes pinks or violets, but because of its price range - they have clothes that you will wear forever for a very reasonable price. I always go to Stardoll when I need to finish my outfit with a classic and understated piece, like their skirts and jackets, or when I want a basic with a trendy twist - their non-superstar pencil skirts are beautiful and are pretty cheap.

Another highlight of the shop are their jeans. They have every single style - from boyfriend jeans to khaki baggy pants to sticky-skinny jeans. And they aren't just in the traditional deep blue or in classic black: you'll find green jeans, grey jeans, khaki pants, and light blue jeans.

High Points: There is always something for every style, from emo to preppy. The prices are low. Most of the clothes are available for everyone to buy.
Low points: Some clothes are too basic they are boring. Also, don't they have any other color scheme than grey, white, red and black?

Although Stardoll is definitely not the store to buy this season's hottest trends and designer-inspired pieces, you know that you can never go wrong with its polished clothing, their classic accesories. Every member can always find something on the store!

What are your thoughts on the Stardoll Store?


  1. The stardoll shop bores me to death, and besides if everyone wore it my blog wouldn't exist!


  2. beautiful shoes that *-*
    pass on my blog if you like


  3. I don't buy very many clothes from the Stardoll Shop, but I buy a lot of accessories. (:

  4. it fucking sucks cause i never have money i half to wait 10 days to get money im pissed off

  5. it sucks i never get money i half to wait 10 days just to earn money