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27 July 2009

FREE Hannah Montana Stuff!

Get your third Hannah Montana Gift! I tried using proxy servers like traffica.info or daveproxy.co.uk, but they don't work, so you'll need to use a manual proxy (I'm tired of them too, but who doesn't want free stuff?). Find out how to use a manual proxy here.

FIRST OF ALL: log into Stardoll first without a proxy, and put "remember me". It will save you time!

Follow these steps:
1. Choose one of the following manual proxies:

- port 80
- port 3124
- port 80

If they don't work, try to search Free UK Proxy on Google! Also if you used another proxy and got it, tell us on comments!

2. Go to: http://www.stardoll.com/en/clubs/home.php?id=1350765
Join it (if you haven't already), and watch the trailer number 3. If you missed the other gifts, just watch the other trailers!

You have it now!

If you used another proxy and got it, tell us on comments!


  1. thanks! it worked for me with the second proxy. :)

  2. i tried all three of them can you please give more info on how to use a manual proxy i even read where it said find out how to use manual proxy here but i still dont get it

  3. I don't know use this proxies :(
    I type daveproxy.co.uk and
    I can't join :(

  4. Hi
    i make this with Port 80.
    this worked..!!

  5. i tried all the proxies that u posted but none of them worked for me =S

  6. omg, thx so much ;D
    i used the 2nd one...