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17 June 2009

Coming Soon.. Picks Of The Day

Picture from Stardoll i my
I love these picks of the day! I really like the 24.06 Shoes, they are awesome. What do you think?


  1. i love them all sooo much!!!!! can't wait!

  2. hi i wanna tell there are new hairstyle's !!! just look thru the hairdo's (they are not at the beginning but just everywhere)
    you can also check it on my doll

    xoxo petshop110

  3. Hi !

    I write to you because I'm the owner of a blog a website and a forum and I'd like to know how you got all these spoilers (I've searched but never found).

    If you want to share your secret with me you can mail me at stardollfrance@gmail.com (be sure that I'll never say it on my blog, website or forum, it's just in order not to steal other blog's work...).

    Thanks for reading !