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21 June 2009

What's next?: Callie on Twitter

I know this is late news, but I wonder, what's next for Stardoll? They had (wait, they still have) ads everywhere, they have real-life gossip from Posh24 on the magazine and now they have a Twitter account!

In fact it is Callie.Stardoll's Twitter. No, no Stardoll news or updates... she only posts about what she bought on the StarPlaza or new Stardoll features with links to the Shop or Stardoll. Didn't get it? It's just another way to make people join Stardoll.
Now What's Next? Maybe we could have StarBlogs! But not the diary-like ones which we already have, but a real mini-blog! Opinions?
See Callie's Twitter clicking here.
by marudoll


  1. OMG when will everyone get her real name ISN'T Callie! I can't tell her real name.

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