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23 June 2009

Coming Soon... Jonas Brothers Stuff

Also found in the Spoilers... Jonas Brothers Stuff! I'm sure the poster and the top will be free, but the guitar...?



  1. i wish the stuff won't b in celebotique cuz then the none superstar won't be able 2 get them

  2. i wish the jb stuff won't be in the celebotique cuz then the non superstar won't be able 2 get them
    btw check out my page (press on MayDaniel)

  3. hi iam sarahoffrench on stardoll and i want to know how you do for have this jb things please tell me on stardoll !!¨¨

  4. i think one of them is free in disney club ..but AM NOT SURE...but it keeps giving me this error "That club is not available." :(

  5. they are all free when you join the JB club you get them when they reach a different number of members

    kaitlynvictoria(stardoll name)

  6. you have to join a clubb buh u need a canadian here is de link for it:: http://www.stardoll.com/en/clubs/home.php?id=1318087