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23 June 2009

Coming Soon... Free (?) Princess Protection Program Dress

Found in the Spoilers... This Princess Protection Program dress worn by Demi Lovato in the Disney Movie. I believe it'll be free, since we already got an "invitation" to watch it in the Cinema... maybe on French or Australian servers?

What do you think?


  1. my invitation doesn't work .. :'(

  2. How do you get the dress? Can you give us a link please?

  3. you get the dress by joining the princess club and when they reach 50000 members everyone gets the dress !!

  4. which princess club?? theres like a thousand of them!!

  5. I think way too many peapole want these dresses! I mean, 1000 000 000 girls all across the world are all goig for the same dress! Just one! Now that is a huge amount just for one dress!