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30 June 2009

Fresh & Fabulous New Elle Spoilers!

I am absolutely head over heels (and how fabulous these heels are!) in love with the new Elle Spring 2009 collection.
And you'll ask why? Not only because they feature pieces from Louis Vuitton's Spring show, a ChloƩ-inspired hot pink blazer, and that fierce Lady GaGa corset, or those amazing heels, or those refreshing colours (which means a lot, from what we've seen lately on the StarPlaza), but I really love and appreciate the quality of these clothes. They are very well done, look extremely real - like I could feel the texture of that deep gold Louis Vuitton skirt, or the amazing green ostrich leather of the bag -, and are very high up the normal Stardoll Clothing Standards.
I'm sure that if this was LE - let's admit it, the level of quality is LE worthy and so are some clothes - it would be gone in 3 blinks. I'm sure I'll see lots of members trying to "get the runway look", "being creative", or the thing I love the most, "trying to think so out of the box that it will look like a desperate fashion citizen wannabe".
But what about the price? ELLE has been well known for being a chic but cheap Real Brand, but with this highly coveted pieces, will Stardoll milk the cow while they can? I'm sure they will, but let's hope this time it won't be like that!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh 0.0 The quality of some of the stuff is way better than anything stardoll has ever done. I'll be buying the corset top, all of the shoes and the green bag for sure :P