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23 June 2009

What's Next... Stardoll Babies??

This is so weird! BABIES? ON STARDOLL? Will Stardoll make babies which we can buy and care for? And will we pay to buy them and feed them? Unless we get some kind of reward for this, I don't think it will be very succesfull.

What's Next? Stardoll Marriages? We could request to marry some member of the opposite gender (of course Stardoll won't allow same-sex marriages), and if the other person agrees, both pay to have a "legal Stardoll certificate", and we would get a wedding dress for free, and every month we could get extra $$ because of the marriage!

Not such a bad idea, don't you think?


  1. the marriage is a good idea, but the babies... not so much in my opinion !


  2. i think that the marrige is bad idea cuz there r more girls than boys

  3. the babies cost 14 sd and there is clothing for them !

  4. t costs 14 per 1 baby

  5. why wouldnt stardoll allow gay marriage?

  6. Since most of the people on stardoll are teen girls, could this promote teenage pregnancy??

  7. its just a doll on stardoll not to care for:(