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15 June 2009

Bye Bye DIY!

The "oh-so-fabulous", "artsy", "Luella and Lanvin inspired" DIY Boutique is now gone. But really, is anyone going to miss it? Typically, it was Superstar only, so non-superstars don't care a lot. Then, the ones who could buy it also didn't care too much about it - sure, it was a new shiny thing to play with a while ago, but did you ever see someone wearing DIY after its release? And I'm sure it was pretty cheap, but if you realize, if one half of a basic dress costs $3 and the other half part of the basic dress is $6, you're paying $6 for a basic and ordinary dress, just one StarDollar less than other beautiful and unique dresses you can find in the StarPlaza.

And, have you ever found something in your wardrobe that can pull of a DIY Boutique garment? Yes, DIY just matches DIY. Except, of course, for the flowers, clips, and studs, which actually were useful. However, those pieces are hot this season, and I'm sure you'll later regret spending $1o on clips. Also, the clothes are hot, runway-inspired NOW, not next season - and, as seen before with DKNY, Philosophy and Vivienne Tam, I bet it would have taken a while for Stardoll to give us more trendy DIY pieces next season.

So, really, is DIY going to be missed? I don't know. Not many people could actually pull off the pieces, and the ones who can just wore them once when it was all the rage. Then, the prices who look cheap but really aren't, and not really "unique" and "trendy" pieces. I think that although some creative Stardoll users will miss these store, most of us aren't. Will you?

However, you can still buy some pieces by search in StarPlaza. Example: search yellow and look out in pages 5 or 6. I guess Stardoll still wants our money.

by marudoll

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