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15 June 2009

Coming Soon... Money Bags and Gifts... AGAIN?

Again, we get a spoiler of this "money bags" and gifts, which we later found out that were gifts new members got. But, really, what do you think these are for?


  1. Awesome!
    Maybe they'll give us something? Wait..maybe not. Stardoll, giving us something..for free? Never xD
    Anyways, how do you get spoilers?

  2. Oh those money bags are only for new people who joined on stardoll like me.
    I joined and in my suite it was there. Many people whos account is old was asking me how i did.

    Its really kool so now i have loads of things in my suite that others don't.

    From I.C.O.N (stardoll name)

  3. I don't tink its very fair that newbies get it but the loyal older stardolls dont