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10 June 2009

FREE Confessions of a Shopaholic Disney Video Player + More

Picture from The Stardoll Life


Some days ago we posted about this Disney Video Player on the Spoilers page. Now, the mistery is solved: it is a FREE Video Player from Confessions of a Shopaholic! An actual video player, where you can play videos! But, how can you get it?

Hace ya un tiempo hablamos sobre el Disney Video Player en los Spoilers. En realidad es un Video Player GRATIS de la película Loca Por Las Compras (en inglés Confessions of a Shopaholic)! Pero, como se consigue?

Picture from The Stardoll Life
Well, if you are from the USA, just open the "Stardoll Newsletter" dollmail and click on the "Find Out More" arrow, with takes you to the Disney Club. Then, join the club. But if you're not from the USA, go to myproxy.ca, put "stardoll.com/en/clubs/home.php?id=1288416/" on the Proxy URL bar, log in, join the club, and log out. You now have the DVD player!
Si sos de EEUU, sólo abri el mail "Stardoll Newsletter" de Stardoll y hace click en la flecha, que te lleva al Disney Club. Unite al club, y listo! Pero si no sos de EEUU, anda a myproxy.ca, pone "stardoll.com/en/clubs/home.php?id=1288416/" en la barra de Proxy. Cuando ya estas en el club, entra en tu doll y unite. Listo!

But there's more. When the club reaches a certain amount of members, you get prizes which include StarDollars and Confessions Of A Shopaholic Accesories which cost $4 and $5 on the StarPlaza! And you can also join the Scenery Competition to win an....
I think I will die. The competition is USA only... lucky guys!
Y todavía hay más: cuando el club tiene un cierto número de members, te llevás premios que incluyen StarDollars y ropa de Loca Por Las Compras que valen $4 y $5 en la StarPlaza! Y los miembros de Estados Unidos pueden competir por una CARTERA GUCCI, sólo haciendo un Scenery! Creo que me muero.
What do you think about this? / Qué piensan ustedes sobre esto?
(Thank you heheemogirl, ForeverSecret and DinosaursSayRawr!)


  1. i will die
    i got the video player not :[
    i got no lucky
    and i am dutch :[

  2. i'm dutch too... and the tv doesn't works...... "the stupid disneyclub isn't availble"

    says stupid stardoll

  3. Isn't working for me !!!

    Says club not available :\

    I followed all the steps but nothing...


  4. i don't get it..... i'm a member of the club but i don't have the tv

  5. tip : copy this one because that one is wrong... because it didn't work with the one on clubfreestuff but it does with this one stardoll.com/en/clubs/home.php?id=1288416

  6. it doesnt work its not avaiable

  7. the proxy thing didn't work for me, I can go to the site but I can't join! :-(

  8. I got the newsletter a couple of days ago....ignored it & today I went back to find it but it wasn't there.. :( Stardoll says that clu doesn't exist as well!!

  9. I can join that club...=(