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17 June 2009

We Love... Striped Shades

Just like we told you yesterday, the Striped Shapes are here to cause major damages! Stylish Stardoll users were seen sporting them, but babuci1992, *hara-ken*, and biroi4itu_be got the cool look.
*hara-ken* looks parisian chic in this ensemble, but the shades gave it a summer-y feel to it. The pink details also pop in this black outfit. To get the look, buy the Markus Lupfer "Darling" Dress, the DKNY Runway Tights, and the black boots. Not superstar? Buy a black top, a black skirt, the Voile Tights, the boots, the shades and pink or red accesories, and you're ready to go! Outfit Highlight: making the color pink pop, and bringing a summery feel with them.
biroi4itu_be looks unique in this outfit, with those animal print tights and summer's it sunglasses. She wore a Candie's Dress, animal-print DIY tights, and a DKNY HeadBand. You can get the look by wearing some cool leggins or tights which stand out from your outfit, a Splendid headband, and of course, the sunglasses. Outfit Highlight: the mix of styles in just one outfit, from preppy to unique to summery. Loving the tights!
babuci1992 looks trendy and girly in her outfit, which has bows, daring cuts, and a pink, black and white mix. She wore the Bow Swimsuit, a vintage Surf Skirt, the DKNY Marina Print Bag, the ASOS Bow Necklace, and the LE Charm. How can you look like her? Grab the pink Striped Sunglasses, mix black & pink, add some bows here and there, and don't forget those "daring cuts"! Outfit Highlight: making black & pink look girly, summery and daring in a tasteful way.
What do you think about this new trend?


  1. I loved them... two years ago!

    Stardoll is always been a bit late on the uptake, but I guess it's better late then never, right? My definite fav is babuci1992 because her outfit oozes Summer!


  2. I love them all! Check my out fit to! It resembles to a line from La, La, Land from Demi Lovato! My stardoll nick name is Spiceursha

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