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05 March 2009

Coming Soon... Free Nouvelle Star T-Shirt?

UPDATE: If you're french you can see the video. If you know a French Proxy that tells you how to get the T-Shirt tell us!
I saw this T-Shirt on the spoilers, and no doubt it's going to be for free. It's the same T-Shirt as the Confessions of a Shopaholic one!

If you know where to get this T-Shirt, tell us on the comments or clicking here.
It's not American Idol - it's Nouvelle Star, the French version of the show. The season 7 is starting soon so, French Stardolls, watch out for this T-Shirt (but we'll all have it, thanks to the proxies). Click here to find out more about Nouvelle Star.
You know what's FREE again? The Miley Cyrus book/poster, today only! Click here to see how to get it!

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