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22 February 2009

Coming Soon... Picks of the Day

[Picture from The Stardoll Life]
I guess this Picks of the Day will start on the 24th, since HotBuys are generally on the Pick Of The Day one day after their release on the shop. But, the clothes can be featured 3 days after, so this releases should be in very soon.
If Stardoll knows what's good for them, they better make the T-Shirts and the Necklaces available for everyone! Of course, the HotBuys Tee might be Superstar, and the Heart Tee will be too. Why? Because it has "Elle" written on it! So, another collection coming soon?
And in case you ask, the white sweater is Inspired by Chanel [UPDATE: It's actually from Emanuel Ungaro], the black dress is inspired by Marc by Marc Jacobs, and the blue-flowers necklace is Inspired by Armani.
My opinion?: This new releases don't really suck! The only clothes I don't like is that cream bolero, the belt, the skirt and the sweater. What do you think?

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