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25 March 2009

HotBuys Spring 2009 Doll

[Picture from The Stardoll Insiders]
For those who aren't Superstar and want to see the upcoming HotBuys...
I think they're beautiful and very, very springy-ish. Well, almost all of them are inspired by the Spring collections! Check the real-life items clicking here.
What do you think? Is Stardoll going back to the old & good HotBuys style, or is it just bad as always?


  1. OMG!!! I love love LOVE them!!! I hope they wont be too exxy.... are some of these gonna be May hbs??

  2. i wish they where not only for superstars its so not fair

  3. I j'adore them!!
    They are sooo pretty =]
    I wanna get all of them!!

    ParamoreLuverXx (Stardoll)