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03 March 2009

Warning: Hacking Friends


Many members with well-known DKNY/HB/Rares collections are suddenly being hacked, despite the fact that they never gave out their passwords. Why? How?

Apparently there's an account (if you know the name, contact me via comments), who requests people with rare clothes saying "'I love your suite, you are so stylish' or 'Please add me, I heard this rumor about you on this site: ***'". [UPDATE: Their request says: "Hiee! Lurvee your MeDoll... It's soo stylish :) Wanna be friends?"] When you accept the request, the hacker automatically sees your password.

You might ask yourself, how come this person can see my password through a friend request? It's simple: when you accept the request, Stardoll downloads a cookie/file that lets you chat with your new friend, storing your account information (aka password).
This hacker has hacked into the Stardoll files, so they can view your account's data when you accept their request.

So, do NOT ACCEPT any suspicious requests, check on the Stardoll Search if the username is mentioned as a hacker, etc.

If anything happens, contact Stardoll @ support@stardoll.com with your real e-mail and explain everything!

P.S: See more about the Hacking Madness clicking here.


  1. But girls can not be hackers, so it requires much knowledge and university studies as well as vice by computers.
    So, I wonder why someone that would have prepared academically want steal accounts that we are only interested to women and girls, do not understand. :(

  2. dear anonymous,
    shut the fuck up. girls are smarter than guys!
    hacking doesnt really require university studies. and im a computers science student, and guess what? im not a guy!

    now about the post..
    tell me more about that "file that lets the person chat with the hacker", it reminds me of a hacking program i used 7 years ago.

  3. I agree with AC Viper - shut the fuck up anonymous i am a girl and a feminist and if yo usay one more thing like that you will regret it. Most of the most powerful, clever, life-changing people in the world are women. I bet you're just annoyed cause girls can beat you easy.