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26 March 2009

Get a FREE Mini Cooper!

Follow this steps to get a FREE Mini Cooper:

1. Log into Stardoll.
2. On your URL bar, copy the following link: http://www.stardoll.com/en/coopAway.php
3. You'll be redirected to your suite. The car's on front of the mirror!

Segui estos pasos para conseguir tu Mini Cooper GRATIS:

1. Entra en Stardoll.
2. En tu barra de links, pone http://www.stardoll.com/en/coopAway.php
3. Te va a llevar a tu suite. El auto esta adelante del espejo!

[Thanks to widelleLTU and monrose4rever]

UPDATE: If you can't get it by the link above, try joining EF_StarClub_it or EF_StarClub_es or EF_StarClub_fi and scroll down until you see a woman reading a book. Click on "Click Here", ignore the form and click "Free Gift". You have it!


  1. Nothing says "free gift" it says get a free brochure thats it

  2. i don't understand i can't get it nothing says ''free gift''

  3. woow great thx