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04 March 2009

MORE Hacking Madness!

This just in!

BEWARE of friend requests from people with a random name, an underscore and 4 random numbers.

[Picture from Perez Hilton of Stardoll]

It seems that this accounts are the ones that, after you accept them, can see your password. Of course, they're not the real hackers. Stardoll blogs are full of gossip, and the latest ones claims that the hackers call themselves "The Italian Mafia". It might look stupid, but in fact, it's dangerous.

It all starts with the common requests: "Hi!! Love your medoll, it's so stylish", or "Friendss?", or "I saw a rumour about you on this site **, friends?". Don't accept them!!

The latest rumour is that they also download a trojan horse, although I'm not sure about it. But the basics are that well-known (for their rare items) accounts are being hacked out of nowhere, when their passwords were never known by other person, and very hard to guess. Despite of innumerous reports, Stardoll does absolutely nothing to the rumoured hackers: klifford.tiamo, sweetgirlicious, and Rachson. It's believed that they aren't the only ones who belong to that group.

Some accounts hacked were emorox4eva, jose_io and pretty_megan-9. It might look like pretty_megan-9's story was the most tragic of the bunch (sweetgirlicious became her best friend only to know her password and hack her), but in fact, emorox4eva's was worse: 15 pages of rares were sold, and the person who bought the most (and apparently it's the hacker) was klifford.tiamo. And, lastly, Rachson hacked jose_io.

Now, you must ask yourself, how can I avoid being hacked by The Italian Mafia? Here I'll give you some tips (I'm not sure, but the fact that being non-superstar may not stop the hackers - they can sell a rare for a code, can't they?):

- Change your password RIGHT NOW! Put numbers too, and try doing it with something that no one knows - if your presentation is full of "I love Beyonce!", it might not be that hard to guess.

- Delete all your cookies (Tools/Delete Browsing History/Delete Cookies). The downloaded file might follow cookies, so DELETE them!

- Check before accepting anyone. Now that is revealed that most of the "hacking accounts" have a random name followed by an underscore and 4 random numbers, I'm sure they'll stop hacking with those usernames. Visit their suite, if their account is too new, visited by no one etc, don't accept!

Most things are still a rumour, but as DanPuffs said, "it's better to be safe than sorry".

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And, join this Anti Hackers/Scammers club:





If you know anything else, please contact us via comments!


  1. NEW hacker! beccawoords12 ! she sent me on my other account, the request saying Hiee!!!! I luvre your suite etc! If she send you a friend request IGNORE her!

  2. Everyone beware Maritza123 is a hacker, she blocked my friend, and was stupid enough do design a skirt so that her name shows, if u have her as a friend, write about her to stardoll, block her and change ur pass fast, also don`t be logged inn if u wanna check her out, cuz she might find u and hack u!!! Man those hacker are friggin scary!!!!

  3. I had trojan horse in my computer,but i think it didn't came from that