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27 March 2009

Last Chance: Sephora + EXCLUSIVE info

Some said "Stardoll's worst idea ever". Others, "say good-buy to Sephora". Some even hope that MAC will replace the only make-up store on Stardoll.

But we, Club Free Stuff, got our sources and we can tell you: MAC is not coming to Stardoll, at least not now. Economy is so bad like a striped yellow and green rugby shirt, and Stardoll cannot pay Sephora and Kat von D anymore. So, there are 2 possibilities: maybe Stardoll will release their own make-up brand, or maybe they'll hire a cheaper make-up brand. You can see a spoiler below:

[Picture from The Acid Crowd]

I don't know any make-up brand with that kind of pink tube and called "Duff" or "Dot" [UPDATE: It's called Dot]. I think it won't be Hilary Duff make-up - just look at the flop her "Stuff by Duff" brand is (maybe we will wave it bye-bye soon, too?). Some say the make-up will be from Antidote, but will it be limited too? I don't think so. Others ask if this line will be Superstar only. I'm not sure, but knowing Stardoll it will be.

This new line will be released as soon as Sephora leaves. It better will, because one of the main reasons people become Superstar is for *cough*Sephora*cough* make-up, so if Stardoll doesn't replace our favourite virtual make-up brand soon, the game is over.

Weirdly, Sephora is not on sale, like DKNY or the old Mary-KateandAshley when they disappeared. Maybe because the prices are already low? Well, whatever, just shop!



  1. i wonder if it will be for everyone not just ss

  2. even i sephora goess, wont there still be kat von d?

  3. I think it says "Doll"
    probably, stardoll is making there own brand...

  4. i really hope it's for non-superstars or that it isn't that expensive..... but knowing stardoll it must 'be' one of those

  5. Stardoll doesn't pay Sephora! It's the other way around, ebcause Sephora get advertized on SD by being there.