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21 March 2009

April HotBuys

Remember, back in 2008, when HotBuys were all ugly and crappy? Well, Stardoll is trying to say sorry with this:

OH. MY. GOD! This HotBuys are absolutely gorgeous! A Stam bag! A Stam Bag!!!!!

Well, you probably want to know the release dates:

- HotBuys Vest, Rio, 2 April

- HotBuys Frock/Dress, Bisou, 6 April

- HotBuys Bow Purse, Rio, 9 April [Inspired by Marc Jacobs]

- HotBuys Heart Skirt, Pretty In Pink, 15 April [Inspired by Marc Jacobs]

- HotBuys Headband, Splendid, 16 April [Inspired by Eugenia Kim]

- HotBuys Necklace, Bisou, 17 April

- HotBuys Tunic, Fudge, 21 April [Inspired by Stella McCartney]

- HotBuys Heels, Pretty in Pink, 23 April [Inspired by Marc Jacobs]

- HotBuys Blazer, Pretty in Pink, 27 April [Inspired by Luella]

- HotBuys Print Dress, Bisou, 30 April [Inspired by Yves Saint Laurent]

Love them! And you?

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