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14 March 2009

Coming Soon... Antidote

[Picture from Stardoll's Top Designers]

New store, coming soon... I think it'll be a sort of cheaper LE, since, as you see, there's a "Items Left" bar at the bottom of the tag. And, to think it's not a rip-off, Stardoll added MiniShop items to the collection...

Seriously, you can clearly see that some items shown above are just recolours or modified items from the StarPlaza. Not to mention, the original ones are way nicer and non-superstar (if you didn't see the price tag...)!

I think that Limited Edition items (Antidote included too) won't be that rare like DKNY. Stardoll keeps making it bad-quality and sky-high prices, and, wouldn't you prefer to buy a real-life bag or top with the money you waste on pixels?

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