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05 March 2009


I just got this request today! Of course, if you didn't read my last posts, it's the "hacking request".

But, how come did I get this request? I've been Superstar, but I'm not anymore. I don't have that much of rares (the ones that I got were re-released or very recent). I just got the orange DKNY, not the holiday or 1st one. So, why did I get this request?

The only thing that comes into my mind is that, after selling a rare or scamming someone for a SS code, the hackers get into my account, put the code, and sell the rares to themselves, maybe to sell them again for $60, or a code, and the whole cycle repeats.

So, no one is safe. Sure, the hacking accounts are easy to identify now (girl'sname_4randomnumbers, favorite celebrity Aaliyah, Celebrity look-a-like Alicia Keys, and they all have the same me-doll and clothes), but, what to the accounts that accepted them before all this hacking madness happened?

What happened to the old Stardoll, where Elites were superior, there was gossip every week, and there were nice clothes? Now Stardoll's most-known users are leaving, such as Steelone, springate, Style_Magazine and maybe writemarycat. Gossip is slow, the clothes are re-releases or superstar only and the themes are weirder and weirder.

Eh, Eh, there's nothing else I can say about this. Just give us your opinion at the comments, okay?

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  1. i don't get it... stardoll is just a game why do you have to hack people it's just for your doll on a game....(ok i'am addicted to it..) but why do you have to ruin it for other people.... it's a game to make friends and to dress others or yourself with the beautifullest clothes...(ok i'm talking about the good ones not the ugly ones)

  2. thats not nice to say that people who have there name and then 4 numbers are hackers...

    my acconut is jo_242 and if i had put one more number people would think im a hacker!!!!!

  3. Oh yes, I`ve recieved this friend request, and so have some of my spare accounts.
    But I also don`t understand why they`d try to hack my account, which only has common clothing and is not a Superstar, or my spares, which barely have anything!