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03 May 2009

Write To Stardoll - Together, We Can

You probably noticed that Stardoll is getting expensive and greedier day-by-day. But now, with the 30 Million Members Celebration, you finally realized it: compared to older celebrations, we got a copy-and-pasted top, and not even the chance to win something! Then, clothes are getting expensive: $15 for a jacket or a dress, $17 for an interior, almost all furniture and clothes Superstar... when will it stop?

No, I'm not asking for a strike (although I've heard some rumours), I'm asking you to... write to Stardoll!

The Stardoll Insiders came up with this awesome idea (they even made a ready-to-send letter which you can see here!), and I'm joining the cause. You?

Facts & More clicking here

See the ready-to-send letter here

Spread the word - it doesn't matter if you have a blog, magazine, club, even putting a link in your presentation, guestbook or diary can help!


  1. Great Thanks For Spreading Thee Wordd. :DD

  2. i sent the message to stardoll admin
    i'd like to see their reply
    probably some automated answer actually avoiding answering any questions

  3. Hi nai-qkataa,

    Thank you for contacting us. We do understand you and all the users who are not Superstars. The fact that certain features are for Superstars only is a way of rewarding our users for buying Stardollars.

    Maybe you wonder why we have to charge for some of our games!

    The answer is that it costs money to run Stardoll.com, and to be able to operate Stardoll we need to cover the development costs, salaries, the cost of new servers and other stuff and do this partly by charging for some of the games and features. As in real life, most things are for free, but some cost. We have tried to keep the prices as low as possible so that as many Stardoll users as possible can play all the games at Stardoll.com.

    Best regards,
    The Stardoll Staff

  4. Thanks for passing it on! :)

  5. Thats really lame! Superstars actually pay for the site, and it wouldn't be fair if non superstars got the same as us! Stardoll needs money to run the site. Atleast non superstars get a free account! Be happy with your advantages, and if you're that unhappy with it, become a superstar. This is annoying me alot.

  6. and the most things got cheaper !!! so they did listen

  7. infact .. most of the member are non ss .. n without them .. stardoll can't reach 30millions right ?? ss have the whole things .. don't underestimate the non ss please ..