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14 May 2009


This caused quite a stir on our virtual world today: Callie is CoverGirl. Yes, Callie, the one who works for Stardoll. The one that is rumored to be a robot, or worse, a man!

There are lots of girls who have got "it" and they aren't covergirls - they are kind, popular, or have a nice account. But Callie never spoke to any member. She is just popular because she works for Stardoll. And she isn't pretty (I'm speaking about her/his virtual self, of course).

What do you think? Controversial, Coincidence or Cool?


  1. I was totally annoyed....

    I have a hard time believing she gets that many votes. As you said she never talks to anybody....and isn't enough she gets LE for free,and whatever else.

    I didn't think it was cool at all.

  2. yeh that was reealy annoyiin cos she boasts in her presentation about all her free le and how "luxary suits me,blah blah blah" nd she only has joined AskPaulinaGirls ??! i know its a realCeleb owned club n all,but she shud try to interact with stardollians. or shud i say he?! scary !!

  3. Ya,I totally agree with you both!

    There are girls that are on stardoll and they do have the look,I mean how could Callie win covergirl? ha

    Her/him/robot/ doesnt even have a nice medoll!