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15 May 2009

Just thinking...

... where are our prizes for the 50.000 Members of the AskPaulinaGirls Club?


  1. id forgotten bout that to be honest!

  2. Oh yes I am also thinking about where is our gift.

  3. I was thinking about it too ! Maybe Paulina forgot because she got fired and all...

    I don't know...

  4. I really wish we'd get something after all of the buildup. I was way excited about it, too :[

  5. Lol.

    It's very low she forgot, honestly, she posted twice about the 50,000 members benifit, she could have not forgoten.

    Maybe she doen;t care no more, i mean she lost her job, she's probably thinking how girl on stardoll could fix her stupid ego.

  6. i actually think i've had the present....it looks like a necklace but it are a bunch of diamonds..... i found it in a starplaza bag and i don't now how but i never seen that necklace in starplaza...