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21 May 2009

June 2009 HotBuys

I love the June HotBuys! They put me in a spring mood. What do you think? Here you have the release dates:

Bag, Bisou, June 2, Inspired by Marc by Marc Jacobs
Skirt, Bisou, June 4
Watch, Splendid, June 8
Tube Dress, Bisou, 10 June, Inspired by Thread Social
Crop Jacket, Pretty in Pink, 12 June, Inspired by TopShop
Dress, Bisou, 15 June
Necklace, Splendid, 17 June
Sandals, Pretty in Pink, 19 June, Inspired by Givenchy
Skirt, Rio, 23 June, Inspired by Forever 21
Dress, Pretty In Pink, 26 June

What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. I think they're absolutely gorgeous, espec. the dress and the "Darling" top