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18 May 2009

Coming Soon... Philosophy Spring 2009

Philosophy Di Alberta Ferreti's new Spring collection just arrived on the spoilers (meaning: it'll be on the StarPlaza by tomorrow or so!), and my opinion? The quality on almost everything is very low. Some clothes look average to me, and I bet you wouldn't buy those maxi-dresses if they were from Folk or Rio.
Stardoll is also going down with their dolls - I believe Stardoll was getting "fat", and they had to cut the "fat", and that "fat" were the graphic designers. Liked my I-was-fired-from-ANTM reference, like Paulina said?
What do you think about this new collection? Will you buy it?


  1. will there be any philosophy for non-superstars or just all superstars?

  2. i absoloutely love this collection!

  3. the shoes are non-superstar!!!
    (maybe limited just like the dot lipsticks)