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04 May 2009

The answer is here...

I actually wasn't surprised when I got this copy-and-pasted answer from Stardoll about the "Write To Stardoll!" cause. Wanna see it?

Hi (stardoll username),
Thank you for contacting us. We do understand you and all the users who are not Superstars.
The fact that certain features are for Superstars only is a way of rewarding our users for buying Stardollars.
Maybe you wonder why we have to charge for some of our games!
The answer is that it costs money to run Stardoll.com, and to be able to operate Stardoll we need to cover the development costs, salaries, the cost of new servers and other stuff and do this partly by charging for some of the games and features.
As in real life, most things are for free, but some cost.
We have tried to keep the prices as low as possible so that as many Stardoll users as possible can play all the games at Stardoll.com.

Best regards,The Stardoll Staff

Yeah, right. I'll keep sending. However, I DO agree with the facts that Superstars pay real money so they need more - but more than half of Stardoll is not superstars. That more than the half gives Stardoll ratings, spread the word, vote for them on the Web Awards, etc.

What do you think about this cause? Do you agree with complaining, or you believe that we should keep our mouths shut? I'd love to hear what do you think!

TIP: When you want to write to Stardoll, don't put in a category - they'll answer you a copy-pasted text about that category! Put "other" in category, they'll answer something more related to your question!

Thank you nai-qkataa


  1. Awr. Stardoll life Sucks. >:[
    I hate it and I love it.

  2. You know what they responded me as? They responded saying thank you for getting in touch with us! WTF!!!!!!!