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19 May 2009

Philosophy is OUT!

Philosophy Di Alberta Ferreti Spring 2009 Collection is out, and seriously, I have only one word for it: no.
The clothes, apart from being super expensive (okay, on Philosophy Fall they were expensive too but at least they were nice and some costed $15!), lack on quality. A lot. They look like early-2007 StarPlaza Clothing! And even though the shoes aren't superstar, they aren't nice.
I don't have more stuff to say since I am not really "feeling" this collection. Is it sporty? Is it greek-inspired? Well, I just know it's ugly.
I'm not telling you to buy it, I'm just asking you to think: would you pay $24 for this dress if it were from Folk? Do you want it because you like it, or because it's Philosophy? Just think.
What do you think about Philosophy's new season?

1 comment:

  1. I completely agree with you, i was all excited to see a new philosopy line then i got there i was like this is it? i thought it was just me who thought the clothes were ugly! im glad someone agrees!

    xxoo Megelizabethx3