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15 May 2009

FREE True Jackson VP Dress

You can get this beautiful FREE True Jackson VP Dress watching the True Jackson VP Trailer in the Cinema.. if you're from the UK. If not:

2. Type in stardoll.com/en/cinema/
3. Log into your doll, wait a few seconds then log out.

Now you have the dress! Other proxy that works is http://traffica.info/.

Podes tener este Vestido GRATIS de True Jackson VP viendo el trailer de True Jackson VP en el Cinema si vivis en el Reino Unido. Si no vivis ahi, segui estos pasos:

3. Entra en tu doll, espera algunos segundos, cerra sesion.

Ahora tenes tu vestido! Si no te anda con Shadow Surf, intenta en http://traffica.info/.

[Thanks Free.Stuff and purple456]


  1. hey you can also do it by gopoxing it worked for me

  2. okay...this has nuthin 2 do with the dress (which is awesome) but i have a few things to report...

    1. where can i find the page where you click the button and you can enter the T.J vp competition?

    2 when you go to another person's suite, it no longer says hi im so and so" in that speech bubble like it used to.

    3 if you go to Miss_Glam_Diva 's suite she has a few free clothes that were never free for us and she is a MEW member!!!! she has a fallen angel dress and a tee
    also, in her suite you'll see this pink book and if you click on it you'l see the tag says "click the link" and if you click the word "album" on the book, it takes you to her album! and she has one for her scenries also!!! i want some of those!!!!!!!!!


    write to me on stardoll (OrangeCrush1397) if u find out more!!