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17 April 2009

Louis Vuitton On Stardoll?!

Whe show you first!

REAL Louis Vuitton on Stardoll China! Does that mean we'll get it on normal Stardoll too?
And look at the prices.. From $100 to $150, will you spend this on this new real brand?:

This is how the new LV shop might look like! So, is it coming to Stardoll or not?

Will you pay or not?

By marudoll


  1. Ditto!! Even though I am non superstar.

  2. Why is stardoll China diffrent?

  3. is it on chinese stardoll yet? I wud lyk 2 buy it

  4. i couldn't find it on stardoll.tom, but did u know LE on stardoll.tom isn't sold out yet!

  5. I can't find them!
    (in Stardoll China)

  6. on stardoll china, not even antidote is sold out !!! OMG :o