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17 April 2009

We Love... r1ma's designs

Let's face it: not everyone can design like r1ma does. From wonderful T-Shirts, Lady GaGa pillows, Madonna designs, collaborations with undamyumbrellla and chic dresses, she's got talent.

Lately, two of Stardoll's most fashionable, Undamyumbrella and fakeshake3, have been sporting r1ma's Lanvin T-Shirt. Oh, Lanvin. r1ma's take on Alber Elbaz's brand is perfect, from the face t-shirt to the animal print dress, and we couldn't ask more on a virtual world where some pay $40 for cutesy animals to Twilight designs (but, admit it- they are adorable).

The House of Holland T-Shirt fever is unrepeatable, but r1ma is very, very close - just go get your T-Shirt now before everyone has it!

We Love... is our new feature, one of my special surprises for 100 (104!) followers! What do you think about it? It won't feature designers only, but clothes, furniture, styles, etc.


  1. For ur next i lyk. u shud pick the designer singingmermaid. her designs are AMAZING. She does Zac efron, lady gaga robert pattinson and loads more!

  2. nd audrey hepburn nd taylor swift

  3. thank you so much for featuring me! I am so still so excited about this...even days later :-)

  4. Her designs are so great! Just bought a beautiful pillow with a picasso design.