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14 April 2009

Coming Soon... Free?

Found this at the spoilers... Almost sure it will be free! It says something like "simple", but I don't know what it is.. If you know, tell!

UPDATE: They're a face wipes brand from UK, so I bet they will be available for UK only... maybe Pick of the Day or some club like Dove_Wonderful?


  1. uhm whatare the spoilers can you please tell me where the spoilers at?

  2. Its wipes that you use to get rid of spots. Simple has a load of face washes and stuff. Its probably anuda club like dove

  3. simple is a skincare brand here in the UK, there made for removing make up, and they have like anti wrinkle products too, who knows?

  4. Its the gentlest face cleaner around, all natural, and its the best sensitive skin cleaner.

  5. I Know Wat It Is..
    It Is A Daily Facial Scrub..
    My Mum Uses It..

  6. They are something for your skin. In America we have them...