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30 April 2009


It really seems like just yesterday we had 20 Million Members, and now, there are officialy more than 30 Million users who love fashion, fame and friends!

But, do they love what Stardoll is giving us to celebrate?

The only free thing we have are a top, just like always. Hey Stardoll, isn't that soo old? Then, if you are superstar, you can buy an $30 crappy sign that moves, an $20 window, or an $10 bag! Yay! Not. Seriously, Stardoll, when will you realize that we hate this kind of free?

And guess what's worse? We didn't even get 30 Stardollars! Not even a good competition like the Lottery Dresses!

What do you think about Stardoll's crappy celebration?

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