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11 April 2009

Get Ready...

Everyday, Stardoll is getting closer of reaching the 30 Million members mark. What will we get? When we reached 10 Million, we got some crappy free items, when we reached 20 Million, the Gown competition, the Gift Dresses, 20 Dollars... and what will we get now? Maybe we already know something...

This "money bag" was found in the Spoilers a couple of weeks ago, along with others that said "10", "15", "20", and "25". But, none of them had sparkles like this one... Besides, there also were more than 10 gift boxes, one of them being very, very big:
What will we get? Well, we won't have to wait that much to find out...


  1. How exciting, I hope they're good.

  2. hey, im new, kinda. im in ur club :)
    but i dont understand, about the 30 million stardoll user thingy. do we need to do something to get the gift? pls reply back :)