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21 April 2009

FREE Wipes & Dress!

[Pictures from Free.Stuff]


1. Enter this into your url bar (no proxy! ;)

simple.co.uk/stardoll/?u= After the 'u=' enter your user ID*

2. Press Enter

3. Fill in the form at the bottom (you can use fake info, even fake e-mail)

4. Press 'Submit'5. Go back to your suite, and you'll find the dress in a Simple bag!*= For the ID, you just have to go to your account.

Only for the first 50.000 members of the Simple_VIP_Club! Just join!

[Thanks lenor123 & free_for_you club]


  1. It doesn't let me work.. Send me a friend request if you were able to and my stardoll is .mmzzsmile.
    oh and this might help i43.tinypic.com/f23pfb.jpg

  2. Why don't I get the dress? I've signed up to the newsletter :(

  3. i sont get dress.I cant register!

  4. If u registered yesterday u get the dress. I fu didnt u hav to be in uk

  5. Can anyone give me a free Uk Web proxy link, please?

  6. U don't need a Uk proxy.If u want to know how to get it visit me in Stardoll.I am K.R.I.S.T.I and join my club(WeLoveSd)there is a topic about it in my club

  7. U don't need a proxy.Join my club if u want to know about it(WeLoveSd)

  8. i did got the dress because it was actually for uk only but there was a glitch (first it didn't said uk only )then i had a note from stardoll that i will recieve my dress because it was a fault and i alreaddy signed up for it so now i do got it !!!

  9. i signed up at simple but i didn't get the dress! i tried more than once aswell! and i am in the uk! =[

  10. How do u get the face wipes?! :O I MUST HAVE THEM NOW THAT I HAVE THE DRESS XD

  11. Well, it worked for me
    on my first two accounts it didn't
    i put nonsense in the e-mail box like
    then i put a real e-mail like
    i dont know if that did anything , but i suggest u try it.
    dont put noncense in the boxes.

  12. i signed up once nd i got the dress straight away wen i went to my suite nd i dnt even live in the uk hehe =]

  13. join prize rebel to get free ss membership

  14. it doesnt work for me either, i've tried like 3 times, and still, nothing, even with the bathingsuit and sunhat. it says 'not valid in US)