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30 April 2009

We Love... Blazers

[Picture from Stardoll's Most Wanted]

It's not difficult to see when a trend is coming to Stardoll: a high fashion inspired item is released, Stardoll's elite wears them, then everyone wears it too. Easy as pie!
That's exactly what happened with the Balmain white studded jacket. Members like undamyumbrellla (in picture), fakeshake3, filipinhamaria, Balenciaga, wylie1995 have theirs already, and I bet you too!
You can wear this beautiful jacket with everything, in every dress code and style - just dare to be different, or stay low-key classic if you want to! Everything's allowed in fashion (except lime green with beige)!
But this award-winning blazer is not the only one round the corner: you can buy the tie-die one, or if you're not superstar, there are plenty of options too - for example, the Stardoll's 3rd Birthday white bow one, or maybe making your own blazer on the Stardesign!
What do you think about this new trend?

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for including me! I like this story an I think you should do more trend reports like this!