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19 January 2009

Spoilers by Mario

Mario [dodence_bt], the great designer, is also a great spoiler finder. On the blog he writes for, The Star Dose, he found 3 BIG Spoilers. DON'T KEEP READING IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SPOIL THE SURPRISE!
1. The first spoiler, a free dress for us. When could it be? It doesn't look like it's a gift dress, though. Hope it's available for everyone, not only for SS.
2. The BIG surprise! Remember the "Coming Soon" on the Design Street? Well, it's a Styling Studio! I think it has to do more with clothes, not with hair. Look, see the blue dress under the LE Cape? Well, it's a DKNY dress that actually is green. And the Sequin Shirt from Elle? It's now a T-Shirt! So maybe, we can modify our clothes... but maybe. Stardoll ads are always tricky. Remember, nor the dress, the jewellery or hair on the doll's new design exist...
Mario also found 2 backgrounds for the Styling Studio:

3. The last spoiler is The Secret Of Moonacre Sceneries. Here are 2 of them:

That's all. In case you didn't know, Mario is on the hospital right now - he got hit by a car. Let's hope he gets well soon...

P.S: Is it me, or the new Superstar Taylor Momsen doll doesn't show up, with a blank screen where the doll and clothes should be?

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