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24 January 2009

Free Stuff!

As you know, the monthly sale always brings Free Stuff glitches. Here are the free stuff from January:

Splendid: Gold Earrings, $4, Page 3

Fallen Angel: Bow Tie, $3, Page 7 [on search], Page 4 [on store] - Cropped Blazer, $5, Page 7 [on search], Page 2 [on store] - SUPERSTAR: High Heels With Studs, $5, Page 1

Remember, when going to you suite you'll get your money back!
I reccomend trying this with another account first, in case the cheat doesn't work anymore.

If you know another free stuff, comment & tell!

1 comment:

  1. Theres no page 7 in fallen angel...