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29 January 2009

Free Couch

On the "Free Stuff" widget, on the sidebar, it says "Couch". I always thought the couch was only for new members... but it's not! Read the steps below to get it:

1. Make a new account
2. Do the tour
3. When you reach the part where Callie says “I have a present for you at the Minishop, I hope you like it or LOVE IT” (or something like that) Click MINISHOP, but DO NOT BUY THE COUCH! yet!
4. Right click “LOG OUT” and click “open in new tab” or “new window” or just open Stardoll in a new tab or window and log out there. Then log in your REAL account (the one you want the couch in). DO NOT CLOSE THE 1st TAB!
5. Go to the 1st Tab, THEN buy the couch, and go back to the 2nd window/tab. It shall appear in your suite!

I don't know if it works, since I already have the couch.

Info and picture from The Stardoll Insiders.


  1. you actually only can if you have two email addreses right ?

  2. Yes, but you can easily make a gmail one.

  3. they dont have the tour anymore