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27 January 2009

Britney, Heidi and Olsen: OMG!

Can you believe it???
Well, I can't!
Britney, Olsen and Heidi clothes were released [oops, some of them re-released] on the StarPlaza!!
And ok, most of them are Superstar.. but who cares? There are only 4 clothes with "Britney" on them, 3 of the non-ss, and that will make any high-price Bazaar seller happy.
And an OLSEN skirt!! HEIDI dress!
I had to have them. Well, at least the Britney striped top.
Stardoll, you amazed me.
But I'm not forgiving you for the Paris dress.
P.S: High healed boots! How cool is that?

1 comment:

  1. That only tells me... 'Marta dont buy old clothes for big prices'.