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14 January 2009

Slumber Party

The new Styled Outfit theme, Slumber Party, is out. You guessed it, full of ugly re-releases. I'd rather have the it's-ok-but-I-wanted-Gucci-Inspired Russia Rock theme than this, that doesn't follow any fashion trend!
Who saw pyjamas on the runway? I did, on my 4-year-old's cousin room! Seriously, what happened to Falling for Fashion and Autnum Jewels? I miss them!
Though, there are some cute clothes, like the blue and red dresses (which remind me of the ones on the Belinda doll), and the playsuit is okay. But did you see the yellow tank top? Elizabeth and James StarDesign much? Couldn't Stardoll even change the shape, or add a print like a fairy or whataver?
Okay, but the Minishop items are cute.

What do you think?

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