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14 January 2009


Stardoll is getting me so pissed!
Guess what? No free stuff. No gossip. No wonderful Styled Outfits.
Yeah, you guessed it, uber-boring re-releases! All the New section is full of re-releases!! Except the 2 Hotbuys!
And guess which rares are back?
- Olsen Twins Leather Jacket
- November 2006 HotBuys Dress

That's 3 rares in, what?, 1 week?
Seriously, Stardoll! I can see you were busy with the new page's designs, but can you at least make DECENT clothes and not bring rares back?
What happened with the "10 hot trends for Fall"? Only 3 of those trends were released! Come on!

What do you think?

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