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26 February 2009

The New York Style Project

Stardoll is becoming more and more boring everyday. No, I'm not talking about the lack of "virtual fights" that gossip blogs live for. I'm talking about clothes (and about the missing "Monthly Sale Free Glitch" -UPDATE: Get 3 FREE Things, click here to see how-).

Seriously... Sleepover (okay, Dolce & Gabbana did it, but who wants to dress up in PYJAMAS?), Pop Art, Tango Valentino, Russia Rocks, Arabian Nights... it all sucked.

Seems like a lot of people think the same, and VictoriaClors created a club - theNYstyle!

have you seen the lastest styled themes on stardoll? piyamas, nordic winter...


join this club to support the NY STYLE PROJECT.

The NewYork styled theme is inspired in Se* and the City, Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty... an intricate style, full of patterns, colours, textures, glamour and fun! Patricia Field and Eric Daman, experts stylists, are the biggest influence in this style. They made possible the concept of real style!

When we get some members we will present a letter to stardoll, asking for HIGH QUALITY CLOTHING INSPIRED IN THE FILMS/SERIES WHICH I SAID BEFORE. Maybe they will listen to us!

Because we must try if we want to win what we want

Of course, Stardoll won't hear anything unless theNYstyle is on the most popular/biggest clubs list. So I joined. And you should too.

Every single member makes a difference! Join theNYstyle, click here, and help us get a better Stardoll!

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