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20 February 2009

March HotBuys

It's here!

Release Dates & My Opinions (on blue):

- Hot Buys Bracelet, 2 March, Pretty in Pink [Inspired by Diseya] It's cute and lovely. I wanted it since I saw it on the Winter HotBuys doll. I'll definetely buy it!

- Hot Buys Skirt, 9 March, Pretty in Pink [Inspired by ASOS] So harlequin! I like it, but I don't love it. Not my type of "hot" buy.

- Hot Buys Denim Dress, 13 March, Pretty in Pink [Inspired by 3.1 Philip Lim] You could work it out with the ELLE leggins or some tights and the Philosophy boots, but still, not my type.

- Hot Buys Bodycon Dress, 17 March, Rio [Inspired by Luella] LOVE! I love Luella, and how could I not love this dress? Since I first saw it on the runway, I knew that if it was on Stardoll, I'd rush to buy it. And now I will.

- Hot Buys Denim Jacket, 18 March, Bisou [Inspired by Alexander Wang] If you're on the rocker/Lady GaGa/Balmain look, this jacket is perfect for you! But, as much as I love Lady GaGa and Balmain, I don't know if my doll can pull out this jacket.

- Hot Buys Earrings, 20 March, Splendid [Inspired by Tuff Cookie] They look like they're made out of bamboo.

- Hot Buys Shoes, 23 March, Fudge They have silver! They have bright blue! They have neon green! That means I'm about to puke!

- Hot Buys Circle Purse, 25 March, Pretty in Pink [Inspired by ASOS] Bags with skinny chains are so in, and pink too. So worth spending 5 Stardollars!

- Hot Buys Trousers, 25 March, Bisou Who wears this pants anymore? Weren't the December green harem pants enough for the graphic designer?

- Hot Buys Jumpsuit, 31 March, Bisou Give it 2 me! Now!

What do you think about this HotBuys?

1 comment:

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