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18 February 2009

FREE Barbie Dress

Get the Barbie Dress quickly, it might not last that much! / Agarra tu Vestido de Barbie ya, puede no durar mucho!

Get your FREE Barbie dress! Go to the Cinema, watch the trailer and go back to your suite. There you have it!
Consegui tu vestido Barbie GRATIS! Anda al Cinema, mira el trailer y volve a tu suite.

My Opinions: I think this is the BEST Free Gift Stardoll has ever made (besides from the free Summer 2007 DKNY clothes, which was actually a glitch). This is the most wearable gift ever, remember the free magazines and posters? I mean, who wears the free movie T-Shirts?. It looks so chic and it kinda resembles me the Lottery Kylie Museum Dress, if it was more girly and prom-like. And rare collectors, get this dress quickly! Something tells me this will be rare in one year (or less!).

P.S: Comment!


  1. it didn't work for me :S


  2. i got dis dress on stardoll earlier