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14 February 2009

teenSTYLE: What we all have been waiting for...

After the Stardoll Magazines scene became worse, with Steelone and writemarycat both leaving Stardoll, and Style_Magazine having a long break from Style, a lot of magazines tried to steal the spotlight, each of them failing: none of them had the thing teenSTYLE had. Was it stunning graphics? The witty, but at the same time fun articles? Or maybe, the most amazing fashion Stardoll has ever seen? We will never know it for sure, but now teenSTYLE is back giving all us thirsty fashionistas what we were waiting for: pure and simple fashion.

The first article I rush to see is "Color of the Month". It is so accurate to real-life fashion, I'm stunned with the choice for this month: Fuchsia. This color was seen rocking almost every Spring fashion runway: from Versace to Matthew Williamson, but it is also a must for today, Valentine's Day.

The choice of CoverGirls was great; following the same steps from Eternity's December 2008 cover, teenSTYLE featured 2 of the most loved and fashionable girls on Stardoll: Lou and Keisha, as known as xLou26 and snapple2. The interview was short, but what I liked the most were the graphics: the "Marie Antoinette" style was cute but edgy at the same time, filled with candy colours and some ruffles here and there. Need I to mention that those 2 trends were also seen in the Spring runways?

And the other model choices were good too: both Rihannon Davis (Welsh_witch) and Gabrielle Ankh (punkyfish2007) were in the "Party Selections" article, which was one of the best in the whole magazine. The fashion choices are chic without overdoing it, and they can be easily used on Stardoll: although most of the clothes featured on the graphics are not available in the shop (for example, the DKNY dress), you can still get similar clothing on the StarPlaza, and sometimes for a very affordable price - let's just say bows can be found at the MiniShop for $3, and platforms generally cost $4!

Rules were made to be broken... where would fashion be today, if no one broke rules? Although this spring candy colored bags were everywhere, the "Neon Bags" article proves that sometimes you need to break rules. Neon adds a fun, edgy and colorful touch to your outfit, and on Stardoll virtual fashion isn't always the same as the real-life one. On Stardoll there is a wide range of Neon Bags to choose, from the Elle one featured on the magazine to the bold red one at the Little Pink Shop that is available for everyone. Although today neon bags are a little bit outdated, Stardoll was made to express yourself - so follow your own fashion!

But there's a rule you cannot break: not having your classic white shoes! An essential, I couldn't agree more with Castile Lee (Cataleia).

And last but not least, the "Playing Cupid" graphics were flirty and cute, but not babyish in any way - you could see "Betsey Johnson" and "Marc Jacobs" written all over them. The article looked like a filler, but the graphics were classic teenSTYLE: chic, fashionable and girly.

Overall, this is my favourite issue yet. The articles were interesting to read, the outfits were perfect, and I have no words for the beautiful graphics. Selena (Model-Selena), with the help of Kasia Font (undamyumbrellla) showed that after 5 months without an issue, all the wait was worth it.

Click here to see teenSTYLE's February Issue.

Now I want to see your opinions on teenSTYLE!

[P.S: sorry for the too-professional review... I want to write for a magazine, and I need to be prepared! ; )]

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