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28 February 2009

What would you like on Stardoll?

Stardoll: it's a love or hate thing. Some days, we get free stuff, others, the suites won't load properly. Sometimes, Stardoll will be deaf to our complains and questions, others, they will listen to us and improve the website - like it happened with the StarBazaar Search, more Brands, etc.

Instead of saying what do I like or what would I get rid of, I asked Stardoll members what did they think:

sonja_sonja63: I would really like if we could Suite Chat with more than 1 person. It's kinda boring that we can Suite Chat with just one. And I also would like to sell my accesories, but I wouldn't get rid of anything.

dalvik: Well...We need to be able to buy Superstar SMS codes in more countries, also I would change the Me-Doll editor. I would get rid of the hackers, scammers and posers.
It would be great if more gifts, Mini-Shop items and more clothes would be able for Non-Superstars.
And I think that most of the members that do not live in USA or UK are annoyed because so many items are free for them (eg. Moonacre Mansion, posters, Hotel for Dogs etc) but not for the Stardolls who do not live in those countries.

funky_ana: I always thought that it would be good if we could send clothes, like in trades, so the member who needs to get it will get it, without: OMG you were too slow other girl bought it! And I think Stardoll should delete all members that weren't online more than month. What kind of 'members' are/were they?

My Opinion: I'd love to have something like a "Trading Mail", where you got an e-mail that said: "soovintage offers you a HotBuys Dress for a DKNY Skirt", and when you clicked "I accept. Trade", you'd automatically trade, with no scams, no people who "accidentaly" bought something you were supposed to trade, etc. It'd be much safer, plus scammers would be no more a pain in the, hm, back for us.

It would be good, also, to have a better reporting system, because so many people are being deleted with no reason, while scammers, hackers and mean people are still breathing virtual air, despite innumerous reports.

I agree with dalvik on making the free items available for everyone, not just USA and UK. And that more countries should have SMS codes.

What would YOU do? What would you change, get rid of, or add to Stardoll? Your comment could be featured on the blog!


  1. I allways thought that it will be good if we cand send chlothes,like in trades,so member who need to get it will get it,without:OMG you were too slow other girl buy it!And I think Stardoll should delete all members that weren't online more than month.What kind of 'members' are/were they?

  2. funky_ana Not a month.You may just be having a break.I think SD should send them an email asking do they want to delte it after,say 5 months.