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19 December 2009

DKNY Glitch?

Under "New" at the Starplaza you can find this top from DKNY for only $3... obviously, it's superstar (remember when EVERY member got their DKNY Dress for New Year last year? Good times...).

It might be a glitch, so buy it now!

UPDATE: It is actually at the Superstar Calendar. Thanks to evreyone who told!


  1. It's from today's Superstar Calendar. No offense, but i find the news on here a bit unreliable.

  2. It is probably for the calendar.
    All the new clothes that have no store label are in the calendar.

  3. it's from the Superstar Calendar ...

  4. it isn't because it's on the calendar

  5. It's in the SS Calendar today.


  6. NOO! It isn't a glitch. It is the SS' gift in the advent calendar. Check!! :) ZoeHallister on sd

  7. not a glitch lol..i love the superstar calender but i hate this years Christmas calender

  8. Sorry i didn't know where to write it so I wrote it here. I accidently found a non-superstar jumpsuit for 12SD by "OTTO". I think it's some kind of aan old shop or maybe a new one. So to find it you go to the search press dresses+black and it should be the very last one on the last page. =)