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31 December 2009

2010 Stardoll Predictions

As a new year begins, we start to wonder what will happen on the world of Stardoll. Of course, we can never be 100% sure, but still... read Club Free Stuff's predictions for 2010 below:

Prediction #1: Stardoll will end the Play & Earn campaign. It sad, but it's more likely to be true. This year, Stardoll also ended de "1 Stardollar per day" campaign, which was a limited edition feature, just like Play & Earn. However...

Prediction #2: ... Stardoll might give us another way to earn Stardollars. It might be a new game, or competitions, etc.

Prediction #3: Some Real Brands will leave. The most likely to do so are Stuff by Duff and Vivienne Tam, since they are never updated and do not sell as expected. A wild guess? Jordache might be gone too.

Prediction #4: There will be another Real Brand. Before or after a Real Brand leaves (see prediction #3), a new Real Brand will join the Starplaza. I'm guessing it's either something very expensive or something more like Kohl's, but for superstars only.

Prediction #5: Superstar prices will stay the same, but most non-superstar prices will increase. Notice how older non-superstar items at the Stardoll store cost between 2 and 5 Stardollars, but recent stuff on Bisou goes from $3 to $7, and next year stuff might cost even more. However, Superstar prices will pretty much stay the same. This will happen if the economy doesn't improve. If it does, it's more likely prices won't increase.

Prediction #6: Stardoll will do more things like Stardoll Royalty or Stardoll Devotees - that is, if the economy doesn't improve. If it does, Stardoll won't do it.

Prediction #7: Magazines will make a big comeback on the first half of the year. Maybe gossip and fashion blogs will jump on that trend too.

Prediction #8: Stardoll scammers will find a new way to hack and scam Stardoll users. A Stardoll hacking mania will start again, in the same magnitude as the Loophole or the so-called Italian Mafia.

Prediction #9: Stardoll will face some technical problems and glitches. The Internet is changing and Stardoll will have to change with it.

Prediction #10 - Outrageous Guess: Maybe we'll see an Stardoll iPod Touch/iPhone app? Roiworld already has one, so Stardoll will try to beat the competition realeasing an app too. I think it won't likely happen because it's too difficult to make a StarPlaza, Stardesign or Stardoll Party Chat for an iPod Touch/iPhone. Or maybe, there will be an exclusive design for the iPod (think of the Facebook iPod app and how it is different from the normal Facebook site).

Bonus Prediction: Callie.Stardoll will finally reveal her true identity. LOL ;)

And of course, we'll still get free stuff!

What are your predictions for 2010?


  1. I think that they are getting a new layout. There was a survey that stardoll sent to some people, so they can pick which look they link the most.



  2. all those predictions sound pretty good and most likely they'll all come true.i hate the one about non-superstar items increasing in price,and the one about the play and earn leaving.i hope that stardoll comes up with a way to get stardollars,because otherwise i don't really see a reason for stardoll to even have non-superstar items in the shops.i mean thats kinda ridiculous,to have items like that and not have a way for non-superstars to have stardollars.thats like teasing other members because they know that the item isn't superstar,yet they can't get the item.

  3. OMG! you are sooo right! :) gooood thinking (Y)
    maybe stardoll is GREEDY!
    maybe stardoll will make more "elites" stuff -.-
    just my opinion, people are leaving stardoll because stardoll took away 1sd a day!